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Metallica Road Case

Back in May 2022, shortly after I had submitted my outdoor Metallica Concert to LEGO Ideas, I saw a picture of the 'CHAD' Road Case. This case is used when Metallica plays the National Anthem at the San Francisco Giants Baseball game. It sparked an idea.

A LEGO Metallica Road Case!

Bands need Road Cases to protect and move their gear.

Music fans who go to concerts often have special mementos from the concerts aren't frameable, but we want to protect them. We need someplace to keep those items. How about a LEGO Metallica Road Case?

After collecting a few dozen different pictures of Metallica Road Cases, I narrowed it down to three different styles and sizes that I made physical prototypes for. I was initially planning on putting hinges on the lid so that it would stay attached to the base, but remembering a Metallica-released Road Case box-set that I have... it can be tippy when it is open. With that in mind, I decided to modify my case and have the lid lift off it.

Whenever possible, I like to build with what we already have. I was intentional with my use of our old 70s-era dinged and discolored white bricks for the case, because a road case is used and abused, it takes all the hits so that the precious cargo inside remains safe. Of course, all cases are new at one point in time, so this could still be accomplished with new bricks.

Why would this make a good set? Here are two reasons, LEGO and Lars Ulrich. Arguably Denmark's two most famous exports. The better question might be: How has this not happened yet? Both LEGO and Metallica fans are avid collectors, both fans come in all ages, and this is a set that everyone can enjoy.

My hope is that when LEGO and Metallica fans look at it, the response is a smile and "I WANT ONE!"

654 pieces (tracked in Google Sheets as I built off my final prototype).
Dimensions: 16 cm tall, 20.75 cm wide, 11 cm deep.

If you would like to one day build this, please take a minute (that’s all it takes!) to set up a LEGO IDEAS account and click the SUPPORT button. 10, 0000 votes are needed for it to move-on to be reviewed by LEGO for consideration as a potential buy/buildable set.

Sharing to your favorite social media platform will help others to see and support it too.

Thank you for your support!

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