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Lego City Undercover

My project idea is to physically create, based off the video game, the open and vast world of Lego City Undercover. I did some research before doing this to make sure I'm not accidentaly trying to recreate something that's already made and sold on the official Lego site. So, if you do visit the site, you will see that they have a lot of products: mainly characters and vehicles, and a few of the buildings related to the main story line. BUT, you will never see the actual and complete physical open world. And it's HUGE. Let's say you have a few of the characters and vehicles and maybe even a building, that you bought off the Lego site. What do we do? We build and play with them on any accetable surface that we can find in our homes. What if we had the option to place them in a real life replica of the city it belongs to? My idea is to create each part of the city, and bring them all together in one. You would have the option of getting separate sections of the city, as it would be extremely big to have the entire city in one, and putting the sections of the city together until you have completed your city. Each section of city, paradise sands, pagoda, auburn, etc, will easily click together and become one. The sections will be true to the actual map, so a particular section of city will only fit with another corresponding section. And you can do this until you have all sections and have them easily connected to each other. Thus, in the end, you will have yourself a complete and open vast world of Lego City Undercover. Because of this, please be patient with me as it will take a while. Also, this is my first day here and have already supported several other projects and hope you would support mine as well. If you would like to see the city come to life, then support this project.

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