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Chicken Run

Things You Will Find:

This diorama is based on a classic movie. In this project you can find three poles, one is electrical conduction and the others are light poles, it also includes three feeders, and then you can find a metal fence. At the back of the fence, you will see some barbed wires, and you can also find two chicken coops In those two chicken coops, there is a hiding place where he has a tool.


This set has all the characters from the movie includes Mr.Sweedy, Mr.Sweedy, Rocky, Ginger, Basbs, Mac, Bunty, Fowler, Nick and Fetcher.

Why Did You Build It?:

I built this set because I like to make LEGO Ideas sets, and it is also one of my favorite movies and I know it is also for LEGO fans also. I would love for movie IP to be made in to a LEGO set.

And Why Do You Think This Would Make A Great LEGO Set?:

The reason why I think this LEGO Ideas project would be a great LEGO set is that it's a good theme, it's popular, it's a classic and well known to people. It's a set with all the details of the movie and all the characters from the movie.

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