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Iron Man: Tony Stark's Workshop

In the Iron Man movies,Tony Stark is constantly in his workshop, building new versions of the world famous Iron Man suits. Now you can have his workshop in LEGO! This MOC contains a vintage car, 2 motorcycles, a kitchen station, a work table, a hand truck, propane, oil, and air tanks, and a suit stand with 3 slots. A new version of Dummy/Butterfingers is included in this set. This MOC contains 4 mini figures: Tony Stark, the Mark 6, and 2 exclusive mini figures: the Mark 1 and 2. See my Iron Monger set for the exclusive Mark 3. This set would be priced around $50, which would be a fair price considering the size of the set.

The motorcycles, Tony Stark, Dummy/Butterfingers, and the 3 suits.

The hand truck, the propane, oil, and air tanks, and the vintage car.

The kitchen area.

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