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Fort Iron Cactus


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          This Project is my interpretation of an Old Wild West Fort. Inspiration for this comes from a mix of the Lego Western theme, Ninja theme, and some Ninjago.
         Some details about this fort is the base is 64 x 64 studs, it is made with some of the modular techniques were different sections of the building are able to be removed. It is able to be separated into 13 different sections plus the base section, This is shown in picture 14. The Bricklink Studio software had my original design around 2,100 pieces, not including the minifigs and horses. This version has slightly fewer pieces as when I was building it some pieces were removed and the design refined.
         Different sections of this fort include an armory, jail cell, chow hall, bunkhouse for the enlisted, bunkhouse for the officers, and an office/living quarters for the fort commander. There are three groups of minifigs in this project: enlisted in the light blue uniforms, officers in the dark blue uniforms, and of course two bad guys.

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