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Shell Roadhouse (service station/diner/truck stop)

After I took down the BP, along came Shell and with a diner too, which makes it pretty well a roadhouse.
Note - bowser gauges are similar to real Shell ones and a realistic air dispenser too.

Another angle, gee I think we have all missed Shell servo's set from Lego right ?

Interior - real Aussie, meat pies and iced Coke too !
Note - globes, battery terminals and wiper blades hanging behind the attendant

Above the diner owner is a menu board, gee that 8 wide window piece used on ships really came in handy.
Sadly this too has fallen, but I'm preparing for a new roadhouse in the future. Maybe this could spur Lego on to bring out a truck stop/roadhouse/service station in the future ?
Comments welcome.

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