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The Mega-Weaponized Jungle Escape Roadster

This roadmaster is a simple, 6-wheeled, imaginative car that contains a min and a full-on twistable weapon system in the back! The villain uses it to escape the jungle and destroy all in his path! Using simple parts, it is a small car that people of all ages can enjoy! Hope you like it!

Ever since I was young, I've loved all cars, movies about cars, cars books, and cars figurines. In fact, my first word was "cars!" 12 years later, during this COVID-19 pandemic, I've been tinkering around with my Legos a lot. After seeing some spare wheels and a steering wheel, I sought to harness my automobile creativity by building a small car that even the youngest of kids can enjoy and build effortlessly! Even my younger sibling could construct the car when I took it apart! I believe that this is the greatest beauty of my roadmaster. Anyone can build it within minutes, and it looks just as appealing and interesting as any Lego car. With 10,000 (well, at least a 100) supporters, I hope to spread this car to all Lego lovers, from the youngest of kids to the oldest ones! Thanks a lot!

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