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Converted Camper Van


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This inconspicuous converted camper van has a workstation, a comfy bed and toilet as well as a hot plate and a sink. There is also a shower under the tailgate, and a trunk for luggage.
The roof contains a skylight and has an integrated solar panel.
It is perfect to escape the stressful live in the city and explore new places, while being able to work remote, have all the necessities you need and a comfy bed to sleep.
The idea to build a set like this came to me while daydreaming about getting away from lockdown and regaining energy and vitality.
There is place for two minifigures in the driver's cabin, and the roof is removable for play.

Update 2021-02-11:
I have replaced the wheels with more modern ones, increased stability, changed seat color, added the skylight and a solar panel. Thanks for your feedback!

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