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UCS Jedi Temple

This project goes along with two others-
UCS Jedi Council Room
UCS Jedi Archives

"Enter our Temple unbidden, you have. Leaving it will not be easy, you will find."

This is a set that (suprisingly) has not been made by TLG. I think it could be very popular among AFOL's. At the heart of Coruscant, the Jedi Temple is one of the most recognizable buildings in Star Wars.
This would be released along with Attack of the Clones 3D, which is hitting theaters-
September 20, 2013.

Three minifigures: Anakin (Episode II), Jedi Knight, and Temple Guard.

Micro scale.

540 pieces.

Support Milestones-
10 supporters- 3.13.12- Thanks to rexngch!
20 supporters- 3.21.12- Thanks to artizan!
30 supporters- 4.8.12- Thanks to Vodoim!
50 supporters- 6.9.12- Thanks to xxstormxx!

Update 10.21.12
Added a removable roof and interior rooms.

Jedi Sleeping Quarters.

Situation Room.

"This was our tower of guardians. This was our fortress to watch against the dark side. This was the Jedi Temple."

The minifigures: Anakin (Episode II), Temple Guard (with sheild), and Jedi Knight.

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