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Bees and Flowers

This is a mystical fantasy nature set of 156 pieces. There is a new original lava flower build, a new giant bee build, and a new custom bee piece. There are no LEGO bee pieces except the one that first appeared in the 2021 Winnie the Pooh set. But that piece has humanlike properties and doesn’t look quite like a realistic bee. I made a custom one that won’t require a new mould. I designed a new bee print that would go on a 1x1 LEGO round tile. The new ladybug piece is just a print on a 1x1 round tile and I think it looks really good for not having a new mould. That piece inspired me to make a bee with that style. But that’s not the only new bee design in this set. I created an original build for a giant bee for the giant lava flower. It’s a peaceful beast made of 59 pieces. The lava flower is made of layers that can be turned to make different patterns. If you want it to be random, it can be made random, if you want all the layers and pedals to line up, no problem. If you want it to have a swirl pattern, it’s easy to set it however you want. You can even turn the stem to position it how you want. There are also 3 additional flowers for the 3 small bees to sit on.

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