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Black & Red Hotel

Dio, a young man, working as a consultant in a big multinational firm travels a lot to meet his clients and visit projects. So definitely he often needs hotels to stay overnight. He doesn't need a big and luxurious room, but a cozy one.

Dio like to stay in BR (Black Red) hotel, cause it has everything he needs. 
  • The staffs are nice and helpful
  • It has a modern and minimalist style rooms
  • It has a fast and reliable internet connection, so he can easily send reports and make video conferences with his boss and colleagues
  • It has fridge and even a coffee maker
  • It has cable TV for entertainments before sleeping
  • It has a clean bathroom
  • It has a nice rooftop pool
  • And a great pizza too
  • And most of all, because he loves Black and Red colors

Now he's ready to get back to work again!

So that's Dio's story about this hotel.
Support and make this lego set happened, so you can play with and make your own story too.

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