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Hnefatafl Board


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Hnefatafl is an old scandinavian "Viking Boardgame".

One player is the attacker (black figures) and one the defender (white figures).
The attacker has to try to capture the enemy king before he escapes the room by reaching one of the corner-fields.

All the gaming-pieces are able to move similar to the tower in the classic Chess-boardgame (only in straight lines). The game-rules are quite easy to understand (way easier than chess) so even younger kids will be able to play it, but it's quite hard to "master" the game which makes it also interesting for older, more experienced players.

I've already built several wooden versions of this boardgame and my friends and I enjoy playing it a lot (although most of them didn't know it before) and since the LEGO Group has already released several versions of Chess, and I know a lot of people who prefer Hnefatafl over Chess because of it's simple rules and very tactical gameplay, I thought it might be the right time to finally release a LEGO version of this old but excellent game to help raise its' prominence (since it sadly is not a very famous game).

The board and figures are quite easy to build but it still has the charm and look of something old and precious, which makes it appropriate for customers of all ages and sexes.

Hnefatafl is usually played on boards with 9x9, 11x11 or 13x13 fields. I have played on all kinds of different boards in the past and can honestly say, that the different sizes of the board actually have more influence on the gameplay as one might expect. So having a brick-built version of this game would make it possible to switch between different playfield-sizes (instead of having to buy or built multiple boards) - so it would actually be a "3 in 1" product...

To make the product cheaper and therefor more appealing to a larger group of customers it would also be possible to build a smaller version (with less parts) using the Microfigures that have been used in several LEGO boardgames (like Heroica) instead of brick-built versions.


You will be able to find more details and the game-rules on the pages below:

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