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Channel 5

 Welcome to “Channel 5”.

The LEGO City has grown and needs services for its minifigures and one of them is to be informed of what is happening in their city or in other cities.

Channel 5 is an audiovisual media center where the news or the weather section are broadcast live. The station has two sets: one dedicated to the daily news and another for recordings on chroma key (green screen) to be able to insert the background that the production needs.

A mobile unit can come and go from this last set, which facilitates the quick arrival at the location of the news. It is equipped with a satellite antenna and broadcast control where the minifigure adjusts the recordings on the editing table.

Just as there are two sets, two production rooms are also added for the recording or live broadcast of the content. The rooms are equipped with mixing tables, camera control systems, recorders and other elements necessary for audiovisual production such as preview and program monitors located in each room.

This model is built on a modular concept in 2 stories, where some walls and ceilings can be unfolded for better access. On the first floor, a second height is added where the work tables for journalists and video editors are located, among other workstations.

On the roof of the building, air conditioning elements are included for the entire building, as well as antennas and a communications tower.
The model also includes 8 minifigures that can play different roles.
Thank you all very much and I hope you like the project.

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