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Pacific Rim: Ziqy Slasher vs. Rhombifer


This ‘Ziqy Slasher’ and ‘Rhombifer’ is my own created fiction of the Pacific Rim’s Jaeger and Kaiju. This much smaller versions of Jaeger and Kaiju are what I termed them as ‘Micro-Jaeger’ and ‘Pygmy-Kaiju’ respectively. Here’s how my created fiction goes…

As the development and deployment cost of the normal and colossal Jaegers is not cheap and becomes unbearable to many nations surrounding the Pacific Ocean, there is a strong drive from the industry to develop a much smaller and ‘cost-optimized’ Jaegers. Micro-Jaeger is the solution. It is also proven to be the most effective option in neutralizing smaller and more agile Pygmy-Kaiju.

Unlike the bigger Jaegers which require two pilots to operate them, this Micro-Jaeger just need a single pilot to run it. It’s built-in Pilot Conn-Pod cockpit is very much less complex as compared to the normal Jaeger’s Pilot Conn-Pod. With the advancement of technologies and its very much lighter weight, Micro-Jaeger is able to be equipped with dual Power Moves instead of just one - that is common in all the bigger Jaegers.

Deployed in 2019, Ziqy Slasher is of Type Mark-5 Micro-Jaeger. It uses the Digital Technology Reactor to power up its operations. Besides its superior one-on-one ground duel capability, Ziqy Slasher is also equipped with high speed flying capability. Below are the detailed of its combat specs;

  • Name: Ziqy Slasher
  • Pilot: Fiezz Xander Baron (FXB)
  • Deployment: July 2019
  • Type: Mark-5 Micro-Jaeger
  • Equipment
    • MK6 Reinforced Nexusium Alloy Full Body Armor
    • T27 Angel Wings Jet Propulsion System
    • PCP5M Built-in Ejection Pilot Conn-Pod Cockpit
    • Energy Core: XIG Supercell Micro-Chamber
    • Operating System: Arbiter Tac-Com 17
  • Weapons
    • Assault Mount MK90 Nexusium High Frequency Dual Light Blades
    • MX277 EMP Missile Launcher (Back Mounted)
    • LX274 EMP Dual Laser Gun (Side Hip Mounted)
  • Power Move
    • Samurai’s Wrath (Primary)
    • Preying Eagle (Secondary)

In April 2020, after an earthquake at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, a Pygmy-Kaiju, named Rhombifer, emerged and started devastation to a nearby city. Rhombifer is of Category III Kaiju on the Serizawa Scale. Just like the normal and colossal Kaiju, Rhombifer also releases the noxious agent Kaiju Blue. Other Rhombifer unique biological weaponries are its sharp and strong spikes, claws and teeth.

Ziqy Slasher is deployed to combat Rhombifer. With the technical support from the LOCCENT Mission Control that is manned by his Superior and two colleagues (the Backup Pilot and the Shatterdome Technician), can pilot FXB and his Ziqy Slasher neutralize the Rhombifer’s threat…?


Reference LEGO Sets: 70676 and 75936

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