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Lego Legoland


Legoland is one place that many Lego fans dream to go to. A whole park just based around Legos! Every year, millions of Lego fans of all different ages visit Legoland and always leave with memories from a great experience. There are many signature locations in this park, such as the Lego "Big Shop" which is the biggest Lego Store you'll probably ever see. Not only that, there is the iconic Lego Castle and is accompanied by the famous dragon coaster. But most importantly, there is the Lego City itself, millions of pieces used to create a micro version of the world we live in today.

The purpose of this set isn't for playablilty, but for Lego fans to display a set that reminds them of many memories they have had either as a child, teen, or adult at Legoland. This set can be displayed in alot of places, considering it is a fairly small set that fits all the components needed to create a awesome set that resembles what it is based off.

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