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Micro Layers of Subnautica

Behold! A LEGO set of some of the layers in Subnautica! Miniaturized!

After seeing the lack of Subnautica LEGO sets, submitted as ideas or otherwise, I decided to make one of my own. This LEGO set covers four of the layers/biomes of Subnautica in a variety of colors and pieces, proving this set to be a fun build. All of the creatures and other details conveniently fit within an eight by eight platforms, making it perfect for display wherever you want it.

From the top down, the layers are:
  1. The Grassy Plateau, featuring miniaturized creatures, such a Reefback leviathan and a sand shark, as well as a micro Cyclops and section of the wreckage from the Aurora.
  2. The Jellyshroom caves, featuring the Degasi base, tiny Jellyshrooms, and three red joysticks used as the infamous crabsnakes in their natural habitat.
  3. The Lost River, featuring the green brine, which everyone knows and loves, a micro ghost leviathan, and the gargantuan fossil.
  4. The Lava Lake, featuring the feared Sea Dragon, and the entrance to the Primary Containment Facility, as well as two of its iconic Sonic Deterrents.

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