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Banana for Scale Standard Amazing


This is not a standard toy! this is a highly accurate and precise measuring desk toy and is made specifically for the internet! According to and I quote the origin of the banana used as a scale is:  “On March 30th, 2005, a photo of a banana placed against a TV set was posted on the blog Rockdogdesigns with a description explaining the TV was for sale”. Thus, the banana scale was born!

However, nature gives us a problem, all bananas are not sized equal! Many factors affect this such as genetics, growth environment, etc. So how can you properly scale using a banana when each banana is variable?

The Idea
An idea came to mind! 
Lego bricks are the world's foremost accurate and precise engineered plastic bricks, made from high precision metal moulds, and combined with its ability to be configured in many shapes, why not use it to standardize the banana scale to actually measure general stuff?- Thus the idea for the banana for scale standard amazing is made into this project proposal!

The unofficial standard banana for scale is a Dole banana, but i believe a vast improvement can be made by making one that is much smaller than that, so my idea is to make a pocket sized version based on the Musa acuminata or Señorita bananas variants as they are smaller and leaner like a mini banana, but is still a banana.

How to use
The banana scale works only if 2 people viewing the same item, has the same banana scale standard amazing. All you need to do is to take a picture of the banana for scale standard amazing next to whatever they need to scale with, and compare its size - but that’s about all you can do with it!

To make sure of its authenticity, each banana scale standard has a 1 pearl gold tile, to make sure it’s made from lego and to scale.

Warning! Using of brands that are not Lego will ensure not the correct scale and will be the same as using an actual banana - totally random and inaccurate.

Measurement Conversions & Configuration modes
There are 3 configurations of the peel that make this desk toy more effective than actual bananas, the configuration modes are namely: closed, open, and triangulation.
You can see the image attached for a more graphic view, but essentially here are what the measurements are in SI (international system of units) units:

Peel configuration closed:

Height: 141 mm
End to end width: 31 mm

Peel configuration open:

Height: 136 mm
End to end width: 71 mm

Peel configuration triangulation (1 clicks from origin point):

Height: 136 mm
End to end width: 121 mm

(measured using a standard caliper tool)

Set Includes

  • 1pc. High accuracy standard banana for scale standard amazing measuring desk toy

  • 1pc. Boat display stand (for your desk to display - why a boat? Cause banana and boats go together)

Just like regular bananas, technically, this one is also made from materials made from earth (fossilized banana plants that turned into crude oil refined and made into plastic), but the similarities end there. Unlike regular bananas, the banana for scale standard amazing does not decay as quickly as regular bananas, they are also standard in size and shape. It is also made from plastic and is cheaper than bananas that are casted from aluminum.

However, even though it looks like a banana, please DO NOT EAT the banana for scale standard amazing, as it not food.


This is inspired by HerboRyanSeth_6561's banana project.
If i had a ton of gold bricks, the entire thing would be pearl gold, because, well wouldn’t you want a pearl gold version of this?
Also that gorilla and caliper is just there for scale to show you how it would look like (the gorilla is straight from lego’s 70125 set)


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