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Adriatic Dream


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The Adriatic Dream House is conjured up though shear vigor of the imagination, inspired by my dreams, memories, and arcane artistic influences.  Representing an amalgam of memories from trips to the tranquil Adriatic shoreline, soothing architectural details (both precedented and fantastical), and curiosities of life at sea, this imagined dream house is the perfect crown to any microscale waterworld.  Feeling more like an introverted and secluded paradise at times, and lavishly grandiose mansion at others, this stone and terra cotta structure sits atop a reclaimed outcropping of karst topography, jutting from the salty brine below with 360 degree views of the calm seas of the Mediterranean.  A true fantasy awaits, defining a new era of the marine bucolic.

Throughout the model you will find hidden features and enclaves of the most unusual building techniques, all of which are original - painstakingly invented in the depths of late night build sessions. 

  • A gated aquatic entrance leads to a sheltered marina harboring multiple sailboats and docks
  • Adjacent to the dock rests a Venetian marbled entrance courtyard with fountain and lanterns
  • Throughout the echelons of windows are glimpses of beautiful ballrooms and regal bedrooms within the main structure
  • Lush greenery abounds with an expansive back terrace and a large rustic garden connected to the main abode with an arched bridge walkway
  • Ruggedly organic rock outcroppings with the scars of wave action belie the serene experience above
  • Doors, windows, fencing, lamps, tiling, rooftops and other details are all personally imagined builds

Approximate scale: 1:115

I hope to share my creation with you one day!  Please support & enjoy, and check out my other ideas!


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