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Hidden Cliff House By The Sea

Have you ever wondered what it's like to live alone by the ocean? Well, join this minifigure as he braves through years of loneliness. Outside the cliff, there is a small part of the ocean, a waterfall, a dock with a boat and oars, and a light pole. But the secret lies within the cliff.

This cliff is not ordinary. This cliff has been hollowed out for living space! When you enter in through the tunnel, you see a sink to wash your hands. If you continue past the stairs, you'll see a storage room. The upstairs has two rooms: bedroom and multipurpose room. In the multipurpose room, there's a fridge and a table. Two tinted windows are cleverly hidden. In the bedroom, a table and dresser stand against the wall. A bed sits in the back corner. A generator, that connects to the paddle in the waterfall, is hidden behind the bed. The minifigure, who lives there, has glasses and brown hair. His name is Soren. He also wears black shorts and blue sweatshirt. You can tell he likes music from the headphones he wears.

That's what is in the secret cave. Soren enjoys his time alone. I hope you like this model. Please support!

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