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Atlantian Palace

My entire life, I have always been interested with the idea of Atlantis. A kingdom under the sea doesn't sound so bad at all! If it were real, I imagine its buildings would be magnificent works of marble and stone with gold accents on the walls. I decided to use my interpretation of Atlantis to create a palace out of LEGO.

The Build
It took me just over a week to completely build and render this in Bricklink Studio. Part of the reason it didn't take me as long as my other builds is because I got really addicted to my idea and wanted to see it finished. The most challenging part of the model was to successfully match up all of the different angles of the plates used in the building. If this were to become a set, my goal would be for it to not include any minifigures (Except for the statue in use for the architecture). Instead, I designed two basic Atlantians* for the project. The Atlantians' head, arms, and fin are all able to move, making them perfect for play. Unfortunately, I did not have enough extra parts to add a complete interior. If I had built one, it would have had to be very simple, and it would not have done the exterior justice.

*Atlantian- What I decided to name the merpeople of my Atlantis (Not the official term).

Extra Details
  • The palace has 26 beautiful windows.
  • My favorite LEGO element I used in this was the starfish I used above the entrance. I had never used it in any of my models before.
  • I had originally designed my Atlantians for a small mermaid MOC I built out of real brick. I used the ones built out of brick as prototypes and was then able to improve upon them in Bricklink Studio.
  • In the original mermaid model I built, the mermaid's hair was pink, and its fin was green.
  • The giant trident in the back side of the palace is from the LEGO Bionicle series.
  • The palace rests on rounded plates measuring 30 studs by 30 studs.

Overall, I really enjoyed creating this, and I hope you enjoy it too. I appreciate any support I can get, and hopefully my project can reach 10k! Thank you for viewing!

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