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Roadster Garage

This project contains the roadster and the garage where the roadster has been restored. The roadster is able to comfortably fit two minifigs. The garage door is 10 studs wide and can opened by twisting the wheel on the side of the garage.  

Garage Details
The garage is built on two 16 x 16 plates. The stud dimensions from studio software for the garage is 16W x 36L x 21H and the roadster is 6W x 17L x 5.5H. The roof has solar panels, air conditioning unit, and an antenna.
The roof and the side wall can be removed to allow greater access to the interior. The interior contains everything need to maintain the roadster or start working on a new project, items included are a work bench, drill press, lathe, tool chest, tire jack, computer, and old-fashioned radio.

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