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Spinoza Space Ship

We were hunters and gatherers, borders were everywhere. Our limits were only the land, the ocean and the sky. The path of exploration continues to ring in our ears like an almost forgotten childhood song. Despite our failures, our limitations and insecurities, humans are capable of great things. We are an adaptable species. How far will our species go, at the end of the next century, and the next millennium...
Carl Sagan.

Spinoza, a revolutionary philosopher who challenged the limits of the thought of his time. This spaceship named after him and inspired by the series of cosmos: possible worlds, is a revolutionary piece of technology that has challenged the known limits of our intellect. Capable of curving space-time following the alcubierre metric, it can travel faster than light, using its incredible rings, which in turn are cities with apartments and parks. Come with me and let's travel together through the universe reaching unattainable places and discovering unknown places for the human being.

but this is only the beginning, new things will be revealed soon, such as colony cities on Mars, the famous SHIP OF THE IMAGINATION, an interstellar ark, etc. All inspired by the original cosmos series.

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