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Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw


I wanted to build a 3 wheel vehicle that can also carry passengers. So Tuk Tuk was the most natural choice.

Tuk Tuks are a motorized development of the traditional pulled rickshaw. They offer fun and authentic travel experience. Great for short distance. A tourist attraction and very colorful. Mostly used in Asia and India as a Taxi.

This Tuk Tuk drives nicely and it's easy to control. It is compact in size, only about 8" x 4". The front panel can be removed, replaced or flipped. It has a very easily removable roof. The roof can be removed partially or fully,  allowing access to the interior.

By the driver area there is a drawer with some coins, a compartment and a boombox. This driver loves music and he carries his boombox wherever he goes.

The passenger area is nice and wide and can accomodate several people. At the back you will find some storage space for luggage.

It comes with 4 figurines, a driver and 3 tourists with a video camera and a regular camera.

I think it will be a great lego product with super play potential. Kids can really enjoy it.  It is not hard to build and just the right size to handle. Not to mention the exposure they get from a 3 wheel vehicle. And of course it is colorful and attractive just as a Tuk Tuk should be. This model can also be a great addition to any city or town project.

I hope you will like this model and you will support and recommend it for a Lego product. 

You are invited to get on board and travel the world in a Tuk Tuk.

Thank you for your support.





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