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Wizard's Manor


'He was the wizard of a thousand kings
And I chanced to meet him one night wandering
He told me tales and he drank my wine
Me and my magic man kind of feeling fine...'

The other day I was listening to some rock music (as I often do) and the long forgotten song from Uriah Heep ‘The Wizard’ inspired me to design a Wizard tower house in Lego bricks.

Just like in the song my Wizard is a good one: he's known and respected since the dawn of time for his magic spells and gift of foresight; his deeds all recalled in all the known lands.  
Gelernt, that’s his name, lives peacefully in the pristine Studwood Forest, with is valuable apprentice Diok and the friendly wild animals.
Gelernt granted an audience to King Sagard today; the monarch is worried about the increasing number of raids by the Orcs along his northern border.
Will the brave Wizard come to the aid, and pick up his legendary twin swords from above the fireplace once again?

My design is inspired by medieval buildings and wizard homes seen in medias, often depicted as spooky, pointed, rickety towers. At the same time I wanted a peaceful and green touch, being Gelernt a good and friendly wizard who loves nature.
A custom designed well and medlar tree sorround the low building where the living area is located: a frugal kitchen and a bed are found here (mostly used by Diok, as Gelernt is rarely seen eating and never seen sleeping).
The tower ground-floor houses Gelernt's collection of magic books and potions. The first floor is where all the magic goes on and where only the wizard is allowed, he gelously keeps here his crystal sphere and other paraphernalia.

My set consists of 1182 parts including three minifigures. I could have gone larger or taller but, despite being the set ideal for display, playability is the number one priotity for me; the brick count is perfect for a challenging yet not tedious building phase and being not too bulky it can be moved and played around the house or garden.
All names and characters are fictional and in no way related to the Uriah Heep song, which was indeed a great inspiration.

All of the above and the unquenched love of LEGO Fans for everything medieval, could make this set a reality!
Support if you enjoyed my project and feel free to share your opinions and suggestions in the comment section!

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