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School Bus


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The kids need to get to school! Quick, build the new School Bus!


Build the all new School Bus!

Introducing the new Lego school bus! With room for eight  passengers plus one driver, this bus is spacious for all! In addition, there is also an extendable stop sign, two mirrors, and an openable door! There is also a roof hatch (but it does not open.)

With one bus having an estimated 300 pieces or so, including the minifigures and the little corner piece with a trash can and streetlight, it is a great addition to any city! The bus is not super big, so it is easy to turn around corners and bigger than Lego City cars, but the Lego 18 wheelers are still bigger.

I decided to build this set for two big reasons: A.) I love school buses. I don't know why, they are just so cool to me, and B.) I have always been very disappointed Lego has never released a realistic looking school bus. The only two school buses that have ever been released in Lego is the one in the Lego Friends Performance School set, but that bus is very unrealistic looking and too small, and the new Hidden Figures School Bus set. However, it is very difficult to make a realistic looking school bus using just the pieces from one of those sets. It took me three of those sets to build the dark yellow bus. No joke.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The set would probably only have one bus. So if you're wondering why I included two in the product idea, here is why. The two buses have a noticeable amount of differences, such as:
  • Stop sign - one is circular and one is more square
  • Bus color - do you guys like the dark yellow better or would you prefer the standard yellow on the school bus?
  • Should the roof be more round (like on the dark yellow bus) or angular (like the standard yellow bus)?
I hope you guys tell me which you like better in the comments, and THANK YOU in advance for the support! Sincerely, LegoBusMaster, a.k.a. NICKBRICK


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