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Metallica WorldWired Concert (Indoor Arena Stage)

Metallica WorldWired Concert (Indoor Arena Stage)

2,206 pieces* (It's true! See below for the breakdown.) 
After years of joking that someone should make a Metallica Concert out of LEGO,  I decided I am going to be that someone. You can call me: MetalliBrick.

Because I watched all 23 Metallica Mondays Concerts in 2020, I could see the various stages through the years bricked in my imagination. I immediately had three concert stages in mind, but could not decide which one to build. So, I figured I would make one each winter for three years.

Welcome to year 2: Metallica WorldWired Concert (Indoor Arena Stage)

I thought this would be a fun concert stage to create in LEGO due to the challenges it presented:

  1. The cubes and how to suspend them?
  2. Achieving the shape of the stage.
  3. Lars’ revolving drum riser.

I remembered watching an interview where the cubes were discussed in great detail. Not only were there a lot (52!), but they were also heavy. Some arenas simply could not handle the weight. Looking through the concert photos on Metallica’s site, I found two shows: one in Bologna, Italy, and one in Stockholm, Sweden that had dedicated rigging specifically for the cubes. With those to look at, I made a similar rigging to suspend the cubes. My orientation of the rigging differs from the concerts so that it would not be the focal point of photos.

I thought the stage shape would be difficult to achieve, and my first prototype was rather chunky-looking. After finding the angled piece: facet brick 4x4x1, I felt it was a sign this was going to work because it helped me to achieve the exact shape I needed.

One might think making Lars’ drum riser rotate would be hard. That was the easy part! The challenge was making it round. I wanted it to be big enough to enable all 4 band members to be on at once, like we often see them do during concerts. I could not find round LEGO pieces big enough to make this happen, so I had to find another way. For months some version of a round, or oval, drum riser was on my desk along with a bowl of random parts. I tried many variations and had finally decided I was going to have to accept defeat and use the 6x6 plate with round corners pieces that would result in an oval-shaped riser. Fortunately the next day, I realized that the brick with a bow comes in 1x4 (I had thought 1x3 was the biggest). With this piece in the mix, I made prototype after prototype with renewed hope before finally striking gold and landing on the shape you see here.

Fans who attended this concert may notice that I haven’t replicated all of the gear both on the stage and floor. This is for two reasons. 1) I didn’t want the stage to look cluttered, so I carefully selected what was represented. 2) I wanted the floor gear to be present, but not a focal point of any of the photos. The more items there were around the stage on the floor of the arena, the more they became a distraction. In the end, I went with about half of what was really there.

Everything about this design and build was challenging and fantastically fun, and it was a great way to spend winter weekends. 

Similar to the concert stage I made in 2022, my initial desire was to build a full-blown concert with security, crew, and audience (which I have done), but as I built it, I kept the LEGO IDEAS guidelines in mind so that I could submit the version you see here. 
Why would this make a good set? Here are two reasons, LEGO and Lars Ulrich. Arguably Denmark's two most famous exports. The better question might be: How has this not happened yet? Both LEGO and Metallica fans are avid collectors, both fans come in all ages, and this is a set that everyone can enjoy.

My hope is that when LEGO fans look at it, the response is a smile and a WOW. I hope that when Metallica fans look at it, the response is I WANT THIS! 

The minifigures are:
Lars Ulrich, drums, 1981 founding member
James Hetfield, vocals & rhythm guitar, 1981 founding member
Kirk Hammett, lead guitar, 1983
Robert Trujillo, bass guitar, 2003

*Designed & tracked in Google Sheets! The 2,206 piece count is as follows:
Stage Base: 497
Stage Gear: 108
Drum kit/riser: 153
Cubes: 572
Rigging: 434
Rail: 80
Stairs: 56
Floor Gear: 284
Band: 22

If you would like to one day build this, please take a minute (that’s all it takes!) to set up a LEGO IDEAS account and click the SUPPORT button.10,0000 votes are needed for it to move-on to be reviewed by LEGO for consideration as a potential buy/buildable set. 

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Thank you for your support!

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