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The Star Restaurant


From spaghetti to soup, sushi to tacos, The Star Restaurant has all the world-renowned cuisines from Europe and Asia.

The Star Restaurant would make a great Lego set because it is a highly detailed ,one-storey modular restaurant of not one cuisine but six, three from Europe and three from Asia. It is a must-have for lovers of food, culture and Lego.

I built The Star Restaurant after being unable to decide between building a Italian, Chinese, Japanese or Indian restaurant. I thought to myself, `Why not have all of the world`s cuisines in one restaurant, like a formal food court?`. I was also inspired by an Agatha Christie Poirot novel (see my other projects) called The Western Star. The novel also included an Eastern Star. While the two stars were jewels, they could represent the two continents of famous food too.


The Star Restaurant includes:




Steps and plant details

Roman Ionic Columns

Large glass windows

Chinese lanterns

Arch and brick details

Japanese paper-style doors

Golden star emblem

Oriental sloped tile roofs

Main entrance Oriental roof with golden globe details

Star and lights details on sloped roofs

Spire details on sloped roofs



Air conditioning units

Lego Technic pins and pin holes for connection to existing modular buildings



Statues of Napoleon Bonaparte (French emperor) and Toyotomi Hideyoshi (Japanese samurai)

11 chairs and 6 tables with prawn sushi, a taco,  soup, Chinese tea, a croissant and spaghetti bolognese details

Sumo Sushi Buffet with sumo bust, prawn sushi, mixed flavour sushi, fish sushi and plain rice sushi details 

Golden statue of Buddha

Wood-fired pizza oven with chimney, paddle and pizza (pepperoni and Hawaiian) details

Cash registers (one for each side)

Money on counter

Golden maneki-neko (waving cat statue) detail

Star emblem (small)

Marcel Marceau Patisserie with Marcel Marceau bust, chocolate eclair and macaroon details

Kitchen includes:

Six stainless-steel cupboards and drawers

Wok and grill

Stove top with pot and hot,cold/on,off lights

Oven (under stove)

Stack of plates

Sink with pipe and stainless-steel tap details

Scrubbing brush and casserole dish

Chocolate pie

Chopping board with chopped up carrot, knife and carrot details

Glasses and cups hanging on wall

Walls of restaurant interior are decorated with French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Indian flags


Includes 12 minifigures

Female patron x2

Male patron x2

Elderly man




French chef

Italian chef

Chinese chef

Japanese sushi chef


Includes 848 pieces


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