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Pop-Up Present


The idea for the Pop-Up Present came from a discussion with my 10 year old Daughter. We enjoy getting Legos as presents (who doesn't?), but what if the Lego WAS the present. With the upcoming Holiday season approaching we believe that the Lego Pop-Up Present would appeal to all.

The Pop-Up Present is fun and easy to use. By Pushing down the lever on the back will cause the top of the present to Pop-Up, reviling a Holiday Elf Minifigure. Also, the top lifts off easily to change the Minifigure to your loved ones favorite.  

The Pop-Up Present is built with 135 Lego pieces can be easily rebuilt with other color Lego pieces allowing it to be used for other Occasions and Holidays. 

The Pop-Up Present is a collaborative project from Todd and Johanna Peck

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