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Billiard Room


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This diorama depicts a corner of a billiard hall while the game is in progress. There are: a scoreboard in the classic green and red colors for the teams, a rack for billiard cues, stools and a plant that gives a little more color.

The table has two pool cues and the balls are plain and striped. If it became a set you could include the possibility of choosing what color to make the table canvas, I chose green but there are many tables with blue or red.

I wanted to represent the room with the game in progress and in fact some balls have already been pocketed and the scoreboard shows the advantage of the green team.

In this idea you can build your own game, the whole green part of the table is entirely made with 1x1 tiles and therefore you can change the positioning and make one just yours!

I built this diorama thinking about the pool hall I frequent and it could become a beautiful LEGO set for fans of this game, to place on a shelf and maybe you could find it in your favorite games room.

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