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Operating Room

This creation represents an operating room with a gallery, where other minifigure-doctors are able to observe and learn from brick-surgeries. Even LEGO-minifigures get sick!

This set contains 1141 pieces.

In the first floor on the backside, you can see the scrub room with towels and basins. There are stairs to enter the second floor - the gallery. There are 12 seats for the audience and an interphone system to the surgery room.

There are a lot of accessories. We have an illuminated panel to watch X-rays, a big operating light, an operating table with an oxygen tube, injections and a set of instruments, a saline drip, transfusions, a monitoring system, cupboard, containers, pots and a disinfection bottle next to the door.

Some of the instruments look a little bit spooky. They can be changed, I just want to give you an idea of possible accessories.

This is my first offer of possible minifigures coming with this set (from left to right):

1. Surgeon
2. Patient
3. Surgeon Assistent
4. Theatre Nurse
5. Anesthetist

A light brick could be used for the big operation light or for the illuminated panel.

Please support this, let´s make it happen! Please spread the word, post it on social networks or on LEGO fan communities. Creating an account on LEGO Cuusoo takes only a few moments, but will give you a lot of opportunities and fun! Votes will only count directly over this site.

Thanks for your interest! :-)

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