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Mediterranean Coastal Fort of the Knights

This LEGO build is inspired from the various medieval coastal forts that are found on the islands of the Mediterranean Sea. During the medieval period knightly orders controlled the islands and coastal regions of the Mediterranean Sea. Forts were built to defend the islands and coastal regions from invaders. This build is based off the various knightly forts that are found on the island of Malta, located in the heart of the Mediterranean. The predominantly 'white' color of the fort captures the limestone material that has been used widely to build knightly forts around the Mediterranean. The 'white' bricks attempt to evoke the iconic 'yellow' LEGO castle built in 1978. The structural design of this build is inspired from the 'Red Tower' in Malta (St Agatha's Tower). The 'red' sequences found throughout this build pays homage to the 'Red Tower' from Malta. The mosaic floor at the entrance of the fort captures the 'Red Tower' image. The main floor of the fort contains five rooms that surround the large open courtyard reception area. There is a water feature, columns and relics that are important to the knightly order on display in this reception area. There are two rooms on the main floor dedicated to the storage of food, drink and military equipment used by the knights. There is also the central room that houses the knightly order's heraldry and sacred text of heroic deeds and quests. Above the main floor are two domestic rooms for knights to sleep when they are not on duty and two prison cells for captured foes. The top levels of the four turrets allow for clear observation areas over the local island and surrounding seas. There is a hidden level underneath the fortress that is only revealed when the fort is opened up from the middle. This feature gives great access to the different rooms and elements of the fort and reveals the hidden layer under the main floor of the fort where the knights can store their most sacred of relics and metal ore. The different features of this fort and its interactive nature would make this a great LEGO set to build, play with and/or display for a variety of LEGO enthusiasts of different age groups.

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