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Wild West Saloon and Jail.

A wild west saloon inspired by the classic 90s theme! The Saloon has a full bar filled with treats! (yum). An armory is located on the left side of the building just in case! There is even a piano! You can sit inside or out and enjoy the beautiful view of, er, sand... Upstairs there are a few beds for when it's time to hit the hay. A jail is located right next to the saloon to round up any foes, but they may have a way of escaping, so watch out! I love the old west and I love Lego! Sadly, there haven't been too many wild west sets in recent years. The original theme played a good part in lego's history and it is also pretty cool. This set would make a good display in any wild west or Lego enthusiast's home! Please consider voting! Thank you!

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