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Winter Farm


The Winter Farm was a building must-have for my village and it was a great effort designing it and make it happen.

Given its size and the use of detailed parts, the building is composed of about 2700 pieces including accessories.
Currently it is the largest building that I built for my Village and was bound to have some important dimensions to be able to contain all that I had in mind.
The usual challenge that I face every time is to be able to do something that is linear and in harmony with the rest of the village and
although it is larger than almost all other buildings are still managed to keep it in the right scale.
It had to be made almost entirely "wood" and then I played on two main colors: black and brown (in the two shades).

The shape of the farm and in particular the roof were made basing on a famous photo of Moulton Ranch (Grand Teton National Park)

The most complex part in fact has been the realization of the roof.
I managed with some parts technic to realize the structure of the roof in such a way that would allow me to have the barn free of any pole or bearing wall. The two sides of the roof rests on the floor of the lift-arm through which discharge the weight in such a way as not to burden the central plate that he could not hold all without a double point of support. The structure that I created also allows you to open the roof (by removing two axle) more comfortably and make any adjustments.

The interior of the farmhouse is composed of the cowshed, a further barn for horses and goats, a kitchen where the factor (and his daughter) can stay, eat, warm up with its wood burning stove and sell cheeses produces.
Under the roof of the farm is instead a barn that is used as a spare Winter to feed the animals.
A light with a button hidden in the straw allows you to illuminate the barn below.
The barn and the entire roof is removable to view more details of the stables and the kitchen.
As you can see from the pictures, to complete the farm I also created a hen house and a fence for the pigs.
In all, the farm is composed of:
2 minifigs (the farmer and his daughter), 2 cows, 2 goats, 2 horses, 3 pigs, 8 chickens, 1 cat, 1 rat, 1 spider!

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