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ADAC Rescue Helicopter

A young man on a motorbike went to fast around a curve on the wet street somewhere in the countryside. There is no hospital close enough and so the ADAC rescue helicopter has to take flight and rescue the poor kid.

This set idea incorporates the EC135 rescue helicopter, its two-man crew, a motorcycle and the young biker who had an accident.

ADAC is a German car maintainance service but also owns many of the German rescue helicopters. The helicopters they use are from EADS Eurocopter. The most common helicopters are the EC145 and the newer and more advanced EC135.

This model is based on MadPhysicists rescue helicopter.

Functions: The first important feature is the opening hatch in the back of the helicopter that of course fits a strecher with a minifigure on it.

The doors on both sides of the helicopter can slide open and reveal the interior with some medical equipment.

Of course the rotor spins freely for maximum playability!

Higher resolution pictures here
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