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Mini Modular: Ghostbusters HQ

I really enjoyed the official Mini Modular set that was released and started recreating iconic buildings from some of my favorite movies/tv shows. I wanted to do a corner house, and found that the Ghostbusters HQ would be perfect fit. The original building had plenty of little details that would be consistent with the rest of the buildings, and lucky enough, the pieces required were fairly common and easy to obtain.

As you see, it scales well with the existing buildings and it provides a nice contrast as a corner addition. The front/top window arch and side windows were achieved using some of the less complex snot techniques.

Like the real building, there's a stud width of space on the left side that recreates the alleyway. The back of the building connects flush against its neighbor. There's even a Slimer hanging out on the roof!

Thanks for taking a look and I kindly ask that you help support this project. Hopefully something like this will encourage the Lego group to release more official mini modular sets.

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