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Medieval Fortress


Take a look at all the pictures and pay attention to the details that the model contains!

It is a medieval fortress inspired by European medieval fortresses located mainly in the Czech Republic. The Castle theme is probably one of the most iconic and classic LEGO themes. Lots of people like the theme Castle and I'm no exception. I believe that this set can be a full-fledged LEGO product, as it is playable and good looking.

You can detach the walls, open the fortress and look inside! The fortress looks realistic, as in reality!
You can make a hole in the fortress with a ram!

First floor:

On the first floor there is a fireplace, wood for the fireplace, fireplace tools, a large window, a table with food, chairs, a barrel, a map, stairs to the second floor, key and door to the yard.

Second floor:
On the second floor there is a door to the walls, festive armor, two stands with spears, a flag, a small window under the stairs, a barrel of wine, stairs to the third floor and a door to the balcony.

Third floor:
On the third floor there is an armory with stands for spears and axes, a stand for bows, a stand for arrows, a stand for armor, a stand for swords, a stand for helmets and loopholes.

There is a brazier on the wall.

The roof is supported by beams.

Set contains:
  • 2999 Parts!
  • Epic RAM! Protected shields and fire tarpaulin.
  • 9 figures! Which have real military functions, as in a medieval army.

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