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Bentley GT3 Racecar - Speed Champions


My latest idea for a new lego set would be the Bentley GT3 Racecar. I think this set would actually be really cool if it included two cars, the race car version and the road car version. Both look pretty similar short of the aerodynamic elements that adorn the race car.

This model with the single car consists of  231 pieces including the minifigure and a color coordinated cockpit with black, green, and white like the real car.

The car is inline with the speed champion series scale with its body sides a litte higher and the car a little longer to emphasize the larger size of the real car. The driver sits a little higher as well to compensate for this. I think the green graphics could be more inline with the real car if they were stickers, but they'd have to cross a lot of pieces. I used a gate piece for the grill to try and get that Bentley mesh grill look. The piece has to be set back a little to fit so a sticker could solve this issue as well, but I still think this looks good and adds a little depth to the car that has relatively slab styling overall. It will also require a print on the rear windscreen to mimic the real car. I like this windscreen as it captures the rear end curve well.

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