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The Princess Bride

S. Morgenstern's classic tale of true love and high adventure (this was after adventure, but so is everything) is whimsically recreated in this Lego model. The Sicilian Crowd has kidnapped the princess Buttercup, and the Dread Pirate Roberts is in hot pursuit! He chases them up the Cliffs of Insanity, across the Guilder Frontier, and into the treacherous Fire Swamp. Will he rescue Buttercup? That's up to you. This four-sided build has five small vignettes from the movie, The Princess Bride:
  • First is the Cliffs of Insanity, with a rope for Roberts to climb up on. Below is the Shrieking Eel Bay, with two of the eels.
  • Second is the Clifftop Duel, with an arch, ruins, and rope. Minifigures can be placed on spinning plates to simulate a swordfight.
  • Third is the Mountain Wrestling Match. It has several rocks that Fezzik can throw at Roberts.
  • Fourth is the Battle of Wits. It has a table, goblets, and two rocks, and overlooks a brickbuilt bay. Vizzini can spin the table around to "switch glasses when your back was turned! Oh, you fool!"
  • Fifth is the Fire Swamp, which has a bat and two R.O.U.S.'s. Builders can pull a lever to drop Buttercup into the Snow Sand, and flick another to send up a flame spurt.
This Lego set--

"Hold on, grandpa. You read that wrong."
--"I did?"
"Yeah. You said this was a Lego set. It's not."
--"Well, it could be, with your support on Lego Ideas. All you'd have to do is click Support on the project page. Now, where was I..."

This Lego set comes with four minifigures (Roberts, Buttercup, Inigo Montoya, and Vizzini) and one brickbuilt figure (Fezzik). Roberts has a sword and a vial of iocaine powder. Inigo has the six-fingered sword. Vizzini has a long knife.

--"Now, it's probably time you got some sleep. Good night."
"Grandpa? Can you come back tomorrow, and help me support this project on Lego Ideas?"
--"As you wish."

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