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The "Speed King"

Meet the "Speed King." Clothed in his majestic garments of blue and yellow, this ruler tours his kingdom, called Asphalt, keeping his loyal subjects in check with his mighty power of velocity.
Alright, enough with the metaphors.
This is an original muscle car model which I built to really test both my skills of creativity and car-designing. I think that it is a good idea for a set because it would be great for both shelf display and play.
On the model, I made an attractive color scheme of blue, yellow and black. I built in many cool details, including a side exhaust pipe, a radio antenna, dials on the interior's dashboard, a license plate, and a massive spoiler. And don't forget the minifigure! In my opinion, a minifigure always brightens up a model and definitely makes it easier for kids to play with.
Thanks for taking the time to check out my idea! Don't forget to give it your support, and please share it with your fellow builders.
Happy building!

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