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Kangaroo and Baby

This is a model of a mother kangaroo and her baby, who is tucked up safely in her pouch. This set is a delightful and playful representation of one of Australia's most iconic animals. Standing on its hind legs with its signature long tail balancing it, this lego creation captures the unique features of the kangaroo.

The kangaroo is not only a beloved symbol of Australia but also a fascinating creature known for its powerful jumps, a pouch to carry its baby, and many other distinctive features. By recreating it in lego, I aim to bring a piece of Australia's natural beauty and cultural significance to life.

With its movable limbs and customizable features, builders can pose the kangaroo in different positions, recreate its iconic hops, or even design imaginative scenes and stories involving other lego elements and characters.

Features of the Kangaroo:
  • Double jointed arms and hind legs
  • Rotatable head with posable ears
  • Tail that moves up and down
  • Posable baby kangaroo head

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