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The Old Pharmacy

Welcome to the old pharmacy!

When you enter the art-nouveau styled pharmacy, you'll fall in love.
The fully vintage decorated pharmacy is a joy to behold!
If you take the spiral staircase you'll end up in a  living room and dinner room, even the kitchen is ready to cook your favorite meal. If you follow these stairs even further you'll end up at the top floor, this is where the sleeping and washing-up area's are. a nice bed to sleep in, a refreshing tub to wash in, and a little surprise! There's a telescope so you can watch the stars at night!

In this set you'll find: - An art-nouveau styled facade with sidewalk
                                 - A fully stocked pharmacy
                                 - A fully furnished appartement
                                 - 3 mini figures

This would make a great LEGO set since it hinges open like a doll-house making it not only fun to build  also fun to play with!
The set contains +/- 2470 bricks.

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