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A LEGO Checkers Game


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The checkers game described below is rather minimalistic and uses just a limited number and variety of bricks, which all were available at the pick-a-brick wall of my local (Berlin) Lego store.

Besides being nice and Lego, the layout will also allow to play checkers while traveling by car or boat or hanging out in a hammock, as the playing stones are holding well to the plate.

A central limitation of the current layout is the color of the "white" fields and the fact that the flat bricks used here had to be fixed to the bottom plate using hot glue. In a final product, the flat black and green bricks might be replaced by ones with a single stud. This also might allow to use round bricks as playing stones. 

But it would be very simple to compile bricks that are already available and a plate into an inexpensive kit.

Pieces required for the current version:

A 32x32 base plate

32 black flat 2x2 bricks

32 green flat 2x2 bricks

56 gray plain flat 2x2 bricks (w/o studs)

64 dark grey plain flat 1x2 bricks 

24 black 2x2 bricks 

24 green 2x2 bricks

12 red and 12 blue 2x2 bricks to crown the kings. 6 should be sufficient in most  cases.

64 drops of glue. I used hot glue, as it can be easily removed.

Estimated costs at Lego store: 7 Euro for the base plate, the required stones shall fit into a small pick-a-brick bucket for 10 Euro.


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