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Desktop Puzzles


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This small project shows off a few mind puzzles. LEGO is all about fun, creativity and imagination. What better way to utilize all of those things than with a puzzle set! They encourage not only play and creativity to make the brick-built puzzles, but it also challenges the mind, and thus takes a different sort of imagination to solve.

Once you figure them out for yourself, you can impress your friends by challenging them to figure the puzzles out!

This submission would make a great small (and cheap) LEGO set because I believe everyone could use something like this in their life. They are so much fun to play with, but the aesthetics of the simplistic colors are eye catching and great to have on any desk.

I love sharing all aspects of the LEGO system through what I create, and it is my dream (like many others) to be a LEGO Product designer. This project will help make that a reality.


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