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Italian Villa

The Idea
Pack your bags, gather your friends and spend your holidays in an "Italian Villa" surrounded by sunny vineyards and beautiful cypress trees!
I originally designed this build for Series 2 and 3 of the "Bricklink Designer Program" in June 2023. Despite not being selected I received a lot of positive feedback from the community, so I decided to resubmit the "Italian Villa" to LEGO IDEAS.

The Build
The “Italian Villa” is a three story building inspired by traditional Tuscan architecture. It is built on top of a small hill and is surrounded by three cypress trees.
  • On the lowest level there is a large cellar used to store barrels and tools and a covered outdoor workspace.
  • On the second level there is a small shed, a small garden with a bench and a bird bath and the main building, containing a kitchen and a small dining area.
  • On the main building’s second floor you can find a small bed room with just enough room for three people, bookshelves and some toys for the child to play with.
The "Italian Villa" consists of 2808 pieces and comes with 3 minifigures and a couple of small animals.
Width: 27.3 cm
Length: 25.3 cm
Height: 24.3 cm
If you have any questions about the build or want to voice your opinion about specific aspects of the design, then please leave feedback in the comment section! I'll try to answer each and everyone of your questions! Thank you for your support!

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