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Germaul from the Neptune Grotto at Schloss Hellbrunn

Say hello to the secret emblem of Schloss Hellbrunn - Germaul. Schloss Hellbrunn is home to a variety of trick fountains that have been entertaining guests for 400 years. The centrepiece of the trick fountains is Germaul who has been rolling his eyes and poking his tongue at visitors. While the actual Germaul is water powered, the lego version is battery operated.

What better way to greet friends to your place than with your own irreverent Germaul!

I built this set as I enjoy creating faces with lego. Germaul is a challenging and rewarding build that incorporates intricate SNOT building techniques with technic mechanisation.

While the structure's appears fragile, it is a mirage as one side is effectively a standard A frame, and the other has the bulk of the structure hidden from view to create the illusion of the technic gear box floating in space.

This set contains
  • Brightly coloured modern structure
  • M lego motor and battery box
  • two chain link timing belts to ensure the eyes, mouth and tongue are synchronised.
  • Over 500 parts

Note for Lego: the LDD version is identical except for the colour scheme of the structural supports.

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