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Bespin Battle


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I know Lego made a Bespin/Cloud City set a while ago, but it's near impossible to find now (and quite expensive). So I think it's time for an update. This is a movie-accurate (or at least as close as I could get) set of Luke and Vader's battle on Bespin. All made in Lego Digital Designer.

I realize this might be a bit boring for children since there are no action features, but it could be considered more of a collector set. Also, I forgot to add it, but this set would need some clear 2x2 round bricks to support the extended platform. I forgot that the Digital Designer doesn't have physics.

This set would simply include an updated Luke Skywalker in Bespin attire and Darth Vader.

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Just the surface of the entryway... didn't want the extended platform floating in space, attached to nothing.

Since the three posts are segmented, you can take the top pieces off if you want to display the scene after Darth Vader has cut through them.

Here are the two minifigures. The body print for Luke Skywalker was drawn in Photoshop and is based on previously made pieces.

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