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The Town Hall of MOC City

hello everyone i am building god and i love to build with lego i made a town hall as an idea for lego ideas first it was not meant for lego ideas but then i thought it would be cool if your idea could be a real set I built it for my own city where I have several self-made buildings in it building was very fun to do although it was sometimes quite difficult I still had a lot of fun it was also difficult to get the details right processing because otherwise it is not fun to look at it for the details, I also used several types of bricks instead of just white I would now like to tell you about the set the set contains 8 minifigures including a child the mayor a guard and a desk employee the rest of the minifigures are people from the neighborhood in the building is a canteen the mayor's room the trophies room and the reception if you like the idea then support this idea and maybe it becomes a real set


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