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Modular County Library

Welcome to the County Library! This beautiful Georgian-era building in the town centre has had a modern refit inside to make it a hub for the community, with an extensive collection, periodicals, children's library, free-to-use computers and plenty of comfy chairs in quiet corners.

Features include checkout, returns slot, watercooler, staircase, mezzanine floor, returns trolleys, skylight and rear courtyard. The building is topped with a clocktower with a bell house below. Comes with library staff and patrons (note many of these in the pictures are CMFs, but of course custom figs can be created if this gets anywhere near 10,000 votes).

The model is based on the Essex County Library in Saffron Walden, United Kingdom, but heavily altered to work with the modular building format.

(Modular purists - pavement colours can be changed and side technic connector holes can easily be added to this model so it adheres fully to the standard.)

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