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Thomas Edison's Inventive Life


Thomas Edison accumulated 1,093 inventions including one invention everbody practically uses everyday; the light bulb.  This is mainly what his inventing room looked like with many different projects at a time.  

This would make a great new lego set because it has collectibility and playability.  It has the first light bulb sitting on the table with a light up piece that shows what the light bulb would have looked like.  For collectibiltiy, it shows many things about Thomas Edison's life.  With many tools and bottles of mixtures, this would still include playibility and colectibility.

Approaching the new design of this product, a better way of the light bulb lighting up would be a possibility.  Also, adding in another shelf or another table would be another possibilty.  This would add more into the set and make it more wanted by buyers.  These are just a few ways that this could become a better set for buyers.

Thanks for taking the time to view this project and don't forget to check out my other projects!


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