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Bridge Over Discovery

Thank you for checking my idea.

My idea is to create a crossing between two hillsides with a modern bridge.

This modern bridge already facing a problem of rainwater running through its structure therefore the construction team needs to discover the source of the problem and fix it. During `demolition` work to find the problem the team discovers an opening, a washed out tunnel into the below caving system.

As nature, the water finds its way through this modern structure and it opens up a gate to an undiscovered system where i.e. minerals are still untouched, well, at least until the researcher team (archaeology team) finds them.

The concept is that the construction teams needs to fix and repair the structure i.e. make the drainage system functionable again with changing the water pipe, cover the hole and make new tarmac on the bridge to be useable again for crossing. Although, the researcher team won`t be that quick to finish their passion so the construction might take longer.

The base plate size is 48x32 studs large, and it contains an approx. of 2100 parts, and 5x minifigures.

Construction team: 1x manager, 2x workers.
Research team: 2x researchers.

I hope you like and find this project interesting. Thank you for your support!

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